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Our story

iKapture Centre for Development was founded in February 2014 in response to the menace of youth unemployment and idleness that has remained a persistent issue in Nigeria. Official statistics put youth unemployment rate at 40%, with almost 80 percent of young Nigerians, unemployed and idle with low skills. Secondary school graduates between 16 and 24 years, account for the majority of the unemployed. They are out of school, idle and vulnerable to social vices. Most of them are exposed to pressure from peers and relatives, societal ills; and are compelled to make career and personal decisions that often mar rather than make their future.

To solve this problem, iKapture was established to educate, engage and equip out-of-school youth from low-income communities with the skills and competence to become more marketable as future employees or desirous of becoming entrepreneurs. For the past 5 years, iKapture has reached more than 5000 young people, creating job opportunities for some of them.

About Us

iKapture Centre for Development is a nonprofit youth organization committed to raising the next generation of tech savvy entrepreneurs and socially aware leaders in Nigeria. The organization works with young people, especially out of school youth between 15 and 25 years who require certain relevant skills to be outstanding in an increasingly competitive environment. Using cutting edge technologies and adopting innovative strategies and approach, we provide high quality and intensive training, tutorials, engagement programs, internship and links to opportunities for development. The organization aims to transform the lives of young people in Nigeria through tailored programs that enable them develop skills and competencies for a changing world.


To educate, enhance, engage and equip young people especially students and school leavers with leadership and entrepreneurship skills for a challenging world.


To be recognized as an organization that spotlights the work of young leaders across sectors in Africa and equips them with the right tools to position for more impact.


  • Excellence in Service Delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Team Work & Resilience

Meet Our Team Great Team

Juliet John Inyang/Executive Director

She is a lecturer, educator, researcher, data analyst and social entrepreneur with keen interest in service marketing, international business, marketing and sales management and business research. She promotes career and capacity building opportunities for the African Scholar. Since joining the University of Calabar, she has been teaching, mentoring and contributing to the research acumen and graduation of students in the University.

Yibala Omini/Administrative Manager

Grace Ihejiamaizu/Founder

Grace is a Social Entrepreneur, Educator and Mandela Washington Fellow working to promote quality education and empower the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

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