Building a Winning Team

Building a Winning Team

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Effective leadership cannot be overemphasized when it comes to success especially within a team. Of the many roles of a leader, building a winning team is one of the most important. We all agree that a leader cannot succeed without the cooperation of teammates. But then, why is team building important?

Team building…

  1. makes for more open communication,
  2. increases productivity,
  3. encourages collaboration and builds trust and respect among teammates.

Team building also helps a workforce get on the same page, work together, and increase their motivation to complete tasks promptly.

Seven C’S to building a winning team

Coaching: seeks to create an environment that has everything a team needs for great teamwork: trust, honesty, and healthy discussions to navigate through existing conflict, mutual commitment to decisions and plans, accountability, and a collective focus on results.

Character: a leader aims to encourage good morals among teammates, as this will yield admirable traits such as honesty, responsibility, and courage.

Communication: effective communication within a team will build a common purpose among team members that will allow them to reach their goals. Strong group communication will create understanding, and that understanding will forge strong relationships within a team.

Commitment: A shared vision uplifts a team’s aspirations. It gives a higher purpose to work. It creates a sense of immersion, excitement, and passion. Commitment also matters because it fosters reliability. Reliability is one of the four behaviors that build trust within a team.

Contagious Energy: a team leader needs to beam with Positive energy (positive vibes). This is because whatever a leader thinks and feels projects on the team and has an impact on them. That’s why positivity is not just about you. It’s about everyone around you!!!

Caring: when team members feel cared for and especially by their team leader they tend to reciprocate, become more invested, and also care more.

Consistency: The value of consistency is that people know what to expect and so can act accordingly. Within a team, consistency equals reliability.


The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.” Phil Jackson

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