Kids and Teens Can Solve Society’s Problems Digitally!

Kids and Teens Can Solve Society’s Problems Digitally!

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Because we live in a fast-changing world, with advancements in science and technology, machines and artificial intelligence are fast replacing conventional jobs. The future is digital and for anyone to meet up with its standard; they must have certain digital skills.

iKapture Center for Development in collaboration with AIESEC Nigeria and Opportunity Desk hosted the 2022 Digital Skill Up Summer Boot camp (DSB 22) from August 1 to 29, 2022. The boot camp was a 4-week intensive and immersive tech program designed for kids and teenagers to gain digital skills, leadership, and life skills that will them address problems in society.

Participants learned how to code and use app builders to create their own apps and other digital courses.

Learning Outcome from DSB 22

The participants were successfully trained on the following 10 skills: Intro to Cyber Security, Soft skills (Time management, Public Speaking and Team Building), Graphics Design, Mobile app development, Copywriting, SEO, Amazon book publishing, Leadership skills, Drone Technology, Whiteboard Animation, Web design/development (HTML, CSSS, JavaScript).

During the project week, they also learned presentation skills and teamwork.

Participants’ Feedback/Testimonials

The kids and their parents were very excited and overjoyed about the outcome and what they were able to do, their parents were even happier as they watched their ward(s) during the presentation. Here are a few testimonials:

  • “I am overjoyed about how much my son was able to learn and I look forward to registering him next year” – Mrs. Helen

  • “I am very impressed with my child’s performance. I have gotten him a laptop as a present to help him practice all that was being taught” – Mr. Eze

  • “The value gotten was more than the cost price of the program, and I’m willing to pay more next time, knowing my child would certainly get more value” – Mrs. Favour.

Another parent said that he was really impressed at the attention given to the children and said he is sure it’s one of the reasons they were able to learn so much in a space of three weeks.

There is a critical need to produce a generation of thinkers and problem solvers with the necessary digital skills to achieve their goals. The best time to learn those skills is now and iKapture Center for Development is committed to bridging the gap between societal demands and young people by equipping them with the skills and values to tackle today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s aspirations.

Interested in enrolling your ward for our 3-Month Digital Leadership? Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 08134624760 or 08090970206.

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