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Technovation is a global tech education nonprofit that empowers girls to become more confident leaders, creators, and problem solvers. Since 2010, the organization has engaged over 32,000 girls between the ages of 8 and 18 from over 100 countries in creating mobile applications (using AI and app-based technologies) to solve communal problems. To learn more about the organization, kindly visit

In collaboration with the iKapture Centre for Development, the 2023 Technovation Girls Challenge Program was brought to Calabar in Cross River State, a south-south region of Nigeria.

 Activities for the Technovation Girls Challenge 2023 commenced in earnest on the second week of January 2023 with the visitation of schools (including nursery, primary, and secondary) and the submission of invitation letters to such schools by the iKapture-Technovation Team for permission to sensitize the girls about Technovation, as most schools were debuts to this challenge.

This year’s Technovation challenge involved schools in remote areas in both Calabar and Uyo as well as a special education centre in Calabar. From these schools emerged a total of over 600 registered participants with some 200 established teams that engaged in this global competition which proceeded with a launch workshop and several code-girls meet-ups.

Parents and guardians of these girls really appreciated this global competition. Notice the statement from one of the parents:
“I am very grateful to iKapture Centre for Development for bringing in this great program (Technovation Girls Challenge), which has helped boost my daughter’s intellect in terms of technology/technical skills, team building & critical thinking. This is my first time seeing her being committed to a task in competition and standing a chance of winning.” – A grateful parent.
The first two phases of this global competition (i.e. the launch workshop and the code-girls meet-ups) whetted the appetite of the parents and management of some schools for the next phase of this challenge – the Regional Pitch Event.
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