Three hot digital skills you should learn in 2021

Three hot digital skills you should learn in 2021

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We live in an innovative age, and sharpening one’s digital skills is Key to success. Learning new virtual skills can help become a social entrepreneur, grow your resume, and of course, have fun. Here are some digital skills you must learn;


Copywriting is the art of writing texts for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. It is aimed at increasing awareness of a brand, products, web pages, ads, and promotional materials. For every good website, a skilled copywriter is needed.  Most businesses enlist the service of a Copywriter who can work remotely. Copywriters use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which requires lots of skills, which comes with mouthwatering rewards especially with the use of social media.

Web Design and Maintenance

Web design also called ‘Web Development’ is the process of creating websites. It is lucrative and requires a lot of skills like webpage layout, content creation, and graphic designs. Web designing is an exciting career for a creative mind. The Web Design Industry is constantly progressing, it, therefore, requires that websites be updated periodically. A web designer sure wouldn’t run out of jobs.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising through online or digital channels such as social media and search engines. According to, ‘96% of adults use social media every day, the online market is a massive place to use to one’s advantage. Digital Marketing is a skill that is highly sought over other forms of marketing due to its wider audience reach. 

Find any appealing? Learn and be proficient in at least one of the skills, It will sure give you an edge wherever you go.

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